Korean Performance Group

KPG Cal is a K-Pop dance group at UC Berkeley. Alongside directing 13 dances, I have edited 15 professional dance covers using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. I also work behind the camera and filmed multiple dance covers.

The covers I produced for KPG have reached 32k views and counting. Since middle school, I have always been interested in video editing as I began my video editing journey on iMovie, then Inshot and CapCut and other unpaid video editing apps. I eventually progressed to professional tools within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite—Premiere Pro and After Effects. This transition opened up boundless possibilities for creativity in editing.

My interest in editing then motivated my interest in videography. Learning about camera settings, lighting techniques, and mastering the use of a gimbal, I expanded my skill set to all aspects of visual storytelling in dance performance videos.

Video Editing

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