Meskie's Ethiopia Restaurant

Project Type: Website redesign + website development

Tools Used: Figma + HTML/CSS

Timeline: 2 weeks

Meskie’s Ethiopia Restaurant is a beloved local restaurant in Berkeley. They have a very simple website that includes their information. I redesigned the home and menu pages of the website using Figma and developed the website using HTML/CSS.


Motivated by both the hues of in the original website and the vibrant tones of the Ethiopian flag, I chose gold as the main color of the website. Gold is known to give a warm and luxurious like a warm and inviting meal. The color conveys a sense of richness and indulgence, allowing the user to associate their experience on the site with the warmth of enjoying a delicious dish.

I chose a Sans Serif font to give the feeling of an updated, refreshed, and modern look. The simplicity of the Sans-Serif font complements the more intricate visual elements throughout the website. This choice balances tradition with modernity while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the page.

Final Design

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