Dolci Mango

Project Type: Website redesign

Tools Used: Figma

Timeline: 2 weeks

Dolci Mango is a local frozen yogurt shop that brings delicious frozen treats to San Diego. Alongside their frozen yogurt, they sell “fish ice cream,” a popular Korean ice cream dessert with a fish-shaped cone. I redesigned their site to better reflect their branding and to create a friendly user experience.

Understanding the User

To better understand the website's users, I utilized personas representing the real customers and conversations I’ve observed at the store. By creating the personas, I better understood the motivations and goals different customers may have.

Competitive Analysis

I analyzed the websites of two of Dolci Mango’s competitors to find their strengths and weaknesses to aid my design choices. Somi Somi, the direct competitor I analyzed, is an ice cream shop that specifically sells fish ice cream. Everbowl, the indirect competitor I analyzed, is an acai bowl shop across the street from Dolci Mango.

Original Website

Design Process

For the redesign, I focused on creating a bright, fun, and welcoming aesthetic. I chose a vibrant yellow theme for the website as yellow is associated with happiness and creativity. This cheerful color evokes feelings of excitement for the desserts on the page.

The Nunito font gives both a sense of playfulness and modernity while also complementing the font of the logo. Nunito's bubbly Sans Serif style captures a fun essence with its rounded edges and friendly curves, also making the font welcoming to a younger audience. The letters create a cheerful and inviting look with its clean style to encourage a welcoming experience for users of all age groups.

Persona and Competitive Analysis Takeaways

From the two personas and competitive analysis, these were my main goals for my redesign:

  • Focus on highlighting the “fish ice cream”
  • Create a more visual and accessible menu
  • Create a stronger brand identity for Dolci Mango


When creating the wireframes, I split the content across multiple pages to enhance the accessibility of the content. In order to enhance the user engagement, I introduced an interactive element by creating an interactive menu which created a fun, game-like experience specifically designed to engage younger customers.

In addition to the interactive menu, I dedicated a page to “Your Creations” to further encourage customer engagement by encouraging customers to showcase their frozen treat creations on their individual social media profiles. This would extend the brand’s user engagement while fostering a sense of community by encouraging user-created content.

Low Fidelity

Mid Fidelity

Final Design

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